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General Info In combination with the bamix® hand held food processor your SliceSy chops, grates and slices vegetables, fruits and meats. Various tools (in some countries available as optional items) Make SliceSy an exceptional versatile appliance. Kindly note that only admix® appliances should be used to drive the SliceSy
Weight ~ 650 g
Material Safe for all food

Description of Working parts SliceSy ®

Fine Grater#65310 Grates vegetables, fruits and cheese very fine. Ideal for salads, Asian meals or for decoration.
Medium Grater#65311 Grates vegetables, fruits and cheese. The perfect size, when you like it cooked or baked quickly.
Coarse Grater#65312 Rasps potatoes (especially for "Rösti" and …), but also other vegetables, fruits and cheese for "potato bake".
Thin Slicer#65313 Cuts vegetables (also button mushrooms), fruits and cheese in wafer-thin slices.
Thick slicer#65314 Cuts vegetables (carrots, potatoes, etc.), fruits (apples), cheese, and cooked eggs in 2 mm thick slices. For example: pizzas, fruit and vegetable dishes, etc.
Maxi Chopper#65301 For chopping vegetables, (onions, coleslaw, chilli, etc.), fruits, meats, nuts (also for preparing of tartar, paté etc.). Attention: The blades of this universal chopper are razor-sharp! Please handle with due care!

PROD. CODE: #65050

NORMAL PRICE: (NZD) $150-00 + $10-00 Shipping
MEMBERS PRICE: (NZD) $120-00 + $10-00 Shipping



Phone: 0800 222937
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